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 New Way to Advertise! Oct 23, 2018

There is a new way to advertise at: Surf Web Ads! The Floating Ad is our latest option to advertise! Floating Image or HTML Ads Only $4.99 for 30 days!

 New Offer Wall Now we have 12 Offer Walls! Oct 05, 2018

New Offer Wall at Surf Web Ads! Now we have 12 Offer Walls! Owads Offer Wall Is the New Wall! Complete any offer to ad cash balance to your account today!

 Over the Promo Admin 50 Credits! + PayPal Discount! Sep 04, 2018

It´s now over the Promo: Admin 50 Credits! + PayPal Discount! Prizes back to usual!

 Admin 50 Credits! + PayPal Discount! Sep 02, 2018

In the next 48H.

Win 50 Credits!
Just Login & Surf 5 Websites!
You win 55 Credits!

And we have more!

Get the Paypal Discount: 30% Off!
30% Discount in any order using Paypal!

Daily Surf Prizes:

Surf 5 Websites 50.00000 X-Credits Daily
Surf 25 Websites 25.00000 Side Banner Credits Daily
Surf 50 Websites 10.00000 X-Credits Cumulative
Surf 50 Websites 50.00000 Top Banner Credits Daily
Surf 75 Websites 50.00000 F. Ad Credits Daily
Surf 100 Websites 500.00000 Side Banner Credits Daily
Surf 125 Websites 50.00000 Side Banner Credits Daily
Surf 150 Websites 100.00000 Top Banner Credits Daily
Surf 175 Websites 100.00000 F. Ad Credits Daily
Surf 200 Websites 100.00000 Top Banner Credits Daily
Surf 225 Websites 200.00000 F. Ad Credits Daily

* The prizes are instant added to your account!
Just have to surf some websites!

 New Surf Offer! Jul 11, 2018

We have a new surf offer! Surf 100 sites & win 500 side banners! Every 24 Hours!

 Surf Discount! 3000 Credits: 2.00 Jun 30, 2018

New! Surf Discount! 3000 Credits: 2.00

 100.000 Side Banners, Only: $2.50 Jun 30, 2018

100.000 Side Banner Credits 50% Discount! Only: $2.50

 New OfferWall! SuperRewards & CPALeo! Jun 26, 2018

Two new offerwalls added to the site! Now more SuperRewards OfferWall & CPALeo OfferWall!

 New OfferWall From MyAdWall! Jun 20, 2018

New OfferWall added! MyAdWall! PTC Ads, Tasks & Surveys!

 New OfferWall From Offers 4 All Jun 14, 2018

Lots of ads to click, tasks & offerwall!

 Get 25% Discount in Any Order! Jun 10, 2018

Now you get 25% Discount in any order using your account funds!

 One More OfferWall!! Now 7 OfferWalls! Jun 10, 2018

New OfferWall! AdWorkMedia added to Surf Web Ads!

 New OffersWall From OfferDaddy! Jun 07, 2018

Complete Surveys, Offers or Mobile Apps & Get Paid by PayPal!

 Now In New Server! Jun 03, 2018

Changed To New Server Now Complete & No More Errors!

 Server upgrade! Jun 02, 2018

We are changing to a new server! Wait until the site is 100% online!

 New Area: OffersWalls May 23, 2018

Added 3 OffersWalls: ClixWall, PTCWall & HitsWall!

 Surf Start Page! May 04, 2018

Now available Surf Start Page! Buy the first place at the surf for only $1

 Free Upgrade for WebMasters! Apr 10, 2018

Join our link exchange & get a Free Upgrade + Free Referrals + PTP!

 New Area: Earn More! Mar 20, 2018

List of Approved PTP, COOP, Web Rotators & More! At: Surf Web Ads! PTP Mar 14, 2018

Now we are PTP approved!

 200 Credits! Mar 09, 2018

New offer for all! Surf 51 sites & get 200 credits every 24H.

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